M. K. (Japan)—ESL helps me in my daily life.  For example, when I go to the market, I can ask a grocery person where I can find something.  Now, I can hear what he or she is saying and understand it!  I want to keep learning more.

O. B. (Hungary)—I can speak without fear and describe things if I don’t have the right word.

Y. Y.  (2016 Japan)--- both stress the importance of communicating with others they meet, being able to make friends and understanding what is important in American culture.

A. H. (Germany)—I want to learn to communicate correctly and to be able to get a good job in an office.  ESL helps me to use my vocabulary to speak in the right way.

R. P. (Brazil)—ESL is helping me to survive in the United States.

Y. K. (South Korea)—If I have questions, I know I can ask my teacher.Type your paragraph here.

A. (Working on GED)---Without the possibility of getting my GED at the Niles Center in Troy at convenient hours while attending the Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills and working, I would never have been able to transfer to Oakland University.
I am incredibly thankful for the support I got at the Niles Center. I was able to get my GED in record time and graduate from OCC with two degrees, all within the same semester. The GED and my two OCC diplomas opened the door for the Honors College at Oakland University. I know this is only the beginning for me, but without the Niles Center, I would have never come this far.
Thank you so much for giving non-traditional, non-native English speaking students such a wonderful start into an academic career.

Oakland County Adult Educators

The Sky's the Limit

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